Custom Patches for Jackets - What (Not) To Wear

Custom Patches for Jackets - What (Not) To Wear

When it comes to custom patches for jackets, the first thing many of us think about is motorcycle club patches. Colorful patches are often seen on the back of riders' jackets, which indicates membership in a club.

Those who aren't members of a club might not be aware that there are specific rules for patches within those clubs. In some cases, even those who are not club members could face some unpleasant surprises for not following the rules.

The first key is to know the difference between a riding (or riders’) club and a motorcycle club. Riding clubs are typically loose organizations of folks who simply like to ride. It may be geared toward owners of specific bikes, or for members who live in a specific area. Riding clubs generally have few, if any membership requirements, and are easy to join, which means you can purchase custom patches for jackets and be accepted immediately.

On the other hand, motorcycle clubs have more stringent requirements to join, and more responsibilities for the members. Patches are earned instead of purchased and can take a substantial commitment of time and energy to win. It can take years to reach full membership in some motorcycle clubs.

Motorcycle clubs often wear classic three-piece patches on the back of their jackets. The top panel or "rocker” shows the name of the club while the large centerpiece shows the club emblem or logo. The bottom rocker then indicates the club’s home territory. A small rectangle with “MC” in it might or might not be present as well.

Riding club patches normally have just a large center emblem and sometimes a top rocker. A bottom rocker is not recommended for riding clubs as some motorcycle clubs are quite territorial, and a bottom rocker could lead to misunderstandings.

The most important rule for non-motorcycle club members to remember is never to pretend to be something you’re not. If you try to act like an actual member of a motorcycle club without being one, you’re likely to pay some very unpleasant consequences. It's better to be yourself and follow proper patch etiquette at all times, and never wear motorcycle club patches if you are not a full member of the club.

Beyond back patches, custom patches for jackets are less restricted. If you want to wear a flag patch, name patch, political statement, or even a funny patch, you’re in good shape. These can be placed just about anywhere on a jacket or vest. It pays to get the best quality patches for your jackets.

If you're riding, the patches will be subjected to heat, rain, wind, and other factors that can wear them down. Look to a supplier such as Patches 4 Less to give you the highest quality materials you can buy. With sturdy backing twill and top-quality embroidery thread, well-made patches can last as long as the jacket they’re attached to.

They also won't cost any more than you’d pay for lesser patches from another supplier. When it comes to custom patches for jackets, just follow the basics. Get good quality patches and be aware of the meanings patches can have!