A Guide To Creating The Perfect Embroidered Patch Design

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Embroidered Patch Design

We've spoken a lot about patches and all the different ways they can be used. Today we dive deeper into patch design, providing a bit of professional insight into creating...

We've spoken a lot about patches and all the different ways they can be used. Today we dive deeper into patch design, providing a bit of professional insight into creating the perfect embroidered patch design. Creating or selecting a patch for any organization, club, team, company, or business is a serious undertaking, but it can also be fun. Designing a custom patch is a great opportunity to let your creativity shine, and it can also maximize the impact of your business or organization. There are a few guidelines to follow when creating a custom embroidered patch, especially one that will stand out among the others. 

First things first, let's talk about patch size and shape. Custom patches can be produced in virtually any shape or size imaginable. Want a patch shaped like a wrench or a car? Easy! However, where things get a little challenging is the size of your patch design. It's important to consider who is wearing your patch and why. A good rule of thumb is to use smaller-sized patches for children's clothes and smaller accessories such as hats or on the shoulders of garments. 

Larger patches are more suitable for sports jerseys or bigger accessories such as an instrument or equipment case. Choosing a bigger patch for a child would look overwhelming. And, adding a small patch for sports jerseys would be too small to notice. Also, keep in mind the gender of the wearer. For example, women's sports patches shouldn't take away from the game. Add smaller patches to smaller uniforms and make sure they can still be seen without being a distraction. When choosing a size, be sure to measure the area where you want to apply the patch to ensure you get the proper fit and look. This key element will have your patch looking great or being too much. It's a fine line, so choose wisely. 

In terms of the design of your patch, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Larger patches can be much more detailed than smaller ones. If your design requires intricate details, choose a larger patch size. Smaller patches are ideal for simple, subtle patches, though you can still include some smaller details to drive home your point. Bigger isn't consistently more suitable when it comes to embroidered patches. Keep it simple when using smaller patches and include details that won't become muddy with color or hard to read. 

Another key detail is to use color theory when selecting your thread colors. You can find different color wheels online, which will help you choose the right colors to make your patches pop. Contrasting and complementary colors are always a great idea. Remember, the more thread and twill colors that are used, the muddier the patch will appear. If your design involves more than eight colors, the overall design may become less distinctive. A busy patch design is hard to read or clearly make out, so keep your colors relatively simple. There are several types of patches to choose from. But, classic embroidered patches are always eye-catching and vibrant. This is why they have become the popular option for companies, businesses, sports teams, and more. 

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