Three scout patches. One is a rectangular patch with a log and axe and the text 'Wood Badge', another is a gear-shaped patch with the text 'All Scouts Day 2016 Carlhthorp School', and the third is a circular patch with stars and the text 'Conestoga River Troop 2016'.

Custom Scout Patches

Celebrate achievements and build unity with custom scout patches. These patches are perfect for displaying troop emblems, rank insignia, or merit badges. Custom scout patches can be designed to attach easily to uniforms, sashes, and gear bags, making them an essential part of scout apparel, including the Cub Scout uniform.


  • Free Artwork & Design

  • Free Setup For Patches

  • Free Shipping
  • Fast Turnaround

Key Uses and Advantages

  • Troop Identity and Pride

    Custom scout patches help create a distinct identity for your troop or Cub Scout pack. Display your troop’s emblem, name, or motto with pride, improving unity and morale among scouts. These patches also help in public recognition and community engagement, especially during events like the Pinewood Derby or Scouting for Food drives.

  • Achievement and Merit Recognition

    Easily identify ranks and recognize achievements with custom patches. Merit badges, rank advancements, and special awards can be proudly displayed, motivating scouts to reach their goals and celebrate their successes. For example, a Cub Scout earns an adventure pin or a patch for the outdoor activity award, which can be worn on the right pocket or the left pocket of their uniform.

  • Durability for Outdoor Adventures

    Our patches are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. They are durable, ensuring they stay intact and looking great through camping trips, hikes, and various scouting adventures. Whether you’re a den leader organizing a campout or participating in a Cub Scout den meeting, our patches will endure.