Three soccer team patches. One reads 'Flames' with a player kicking a ball in front of flames, another is a shield-shaped patch with blue and white stripes and the text 'Cambridge Christian School' with a soccer ball, and the third is a circular patch with a lion and the text 'Cumberland United Football Club'.

Custom Soccer Patches

Showcase your soccer team’s spirit and unity with custom soccer patches. Perfect for displaying your team’s logo, player numbers, or special achievements, these patches add a professional and cohesive look to your team’s gear. Custom soccer patches can be easily attached to jerseys, bags, and equipment, making them a key component of your team’s identity.


  • Free Artwork & Design

  • Free Setup For Patches

  • Free Shipping
  • Fast Turnaround

Key Uses and Advantages

  • Team Identity and Pride:

    Custom soccer patches help create a strong identity for your team. Display your team’s logo, name, or mascot with pride, enhancing unity and morale among players and fans. These patches also help in building a recognizable and professional look for your team.

  • Player and Position Recognition

    Easily identify players and their positions with custom patches. Whether it’s player numbers or position symbols, clear identification aids in team organization and fan recognition. Custom patches can also commemorate special achievements or milestones in the season.

  • Durability for the Game

    Our patches are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the physical demands of soccer. They are durable, ensuring they stay intact and looking great throughout the season, from practices to intense matches.