A Guide To Jacket Patches

A Guide To Jacket Patches

Custom patches are great for a number of reasons. They are ideal for promoting a cause, displaying your membership to a group, making a statement, and much more. They are...

Custom patches are great for a number of reasons. They are ideal for promoting a cause, displaying your membership to a group, making a statement, and much more. They are also great for increasing brand awareness; however, they are also a staple in style. Custom patches can be seen in modern fashion and streetwear, as well as backpacks, bags, shoes, and more. 

Patches are a stylish addition to any garment, and they can be customized to say exactly what you want. Custom patches add a unique appeal, and they've become quite a popular option for standing out and being an individual. Custom patches have become an increasingly popular way to decorate your wardrobe, especially on jackets. 

There are several things to remember when picking the right patch. The right kind of patch will take your jacket to a new level, adding a unique aesthetic while letting your personality come to life. Woven patches are perfect for in-depth and colorful designs. These patches are created by weaving threads together, providing a detailed design that is made with quality. 

When thinking about ordering custom patches for jackets, it's crucial to think about the jacket's size and how prominent the custom patch is. If you are choosing a patch for your club or company, bigger is better. 

For most, a motorcycle club uses a 12 “patch and for women, a 9” patch. Add the jacket letter patch length and width, then break it into two sections. Think about the patch size and the average group size of the patch; this will help you get the correct size, working as a reference. 

The most popular jacket patches are motorcycle club patches. These custom patches can be seen on the backs of riders' jackets, showcasing their membership to a specific club. Motorcycle clubs generally have strict requirements when it comes to patches. 

These patches are earned and take a bit of commitment to achieve. Motorcycle clubs often wear a three-piece patch design on their jackets. The top panel or the "rocker" shows off the name of the club. The large center patch displays the club logo, while the bottom "rocker" features the club's home area. On the other hand, riding clubs generally have a large center emblem. 

These days custom patches can be found on the back of nearly any jacket. Everyone from kids to teens, adults, and more are using custom patches to showcase their personality and individuality. Custom patches add personalization and a unique style. Custom patches are a simple and easy way to customize any garment. 

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