A Look Back! This Is The History Of Custom Embroidered Patches 

A Look Back! This Is The History Of Custom Embroidered Patches 

Custom embroidered patches are everywhere. They are found on the uniforms of police officers and firefighters, as well as boy and girl scouts, bikers, and more. Custom patches have a place in history and an origin. These days, embroidered patches are considered pieces of art, and they are used for a variety of purposes. 

Patches are used to represent a company or organization, as a commemoration, to display achievements, to identify military personnel, or simply for decoration. To understand modern embroidery and patches, we take a look at the past. Though we do not know the exact date custom embroidered patches were first introduced, we know a bit about their beginnings. 

Patches were used thousands of years ago by ancient cultures in China, India, the Mediterranean, and South America. The Chinese used various sewing techniques to mend, patch, and tailor fabrics. Over the years, other cultures began sewing patterns and designs into garments, including cloths, clothing, tapestries, and more. Patches were often used for identification. 

Logos were seen on the robes of royalty and other constituents as a sign of wealth and power. In those times, only the very wealthy could afford embroidered items. Embroidered patches were expensive and time-consuming to create. They were produced much differently, crafted by hand by artisans across the globe. 

Embroidery machines were not invented until the 19th century and were not mastered until the 20th century. Before that, each piece of embroidery was done by hand with a needle and thread. The industrial revolution changed embroidery forever. The price of embroidery would decrease incredibly, which made embroidered patches much more attainable for the masses. The first embroidery machine was created in the 1800s by Alphonse Kursheedt. The process used a combination of looms and hand embroidery. Kursheedt imported twelve new embroidery handlooms and kickstarted the mechanized process. 

However, not long after, Isaak Groebli found inspiration in the sewing machine and devised the Schiffli embroidery machine. The machine would use a continuously threaded needle and shuttle, which sped up production times. These days, computerized machines create patches that use “digitized” patterns to produce intricate and unique embroidered patterns. Modern production machines are capable of producing mass amounts of embroidered patches for sports teams, companies, uniforms, and more. 

Custom patches have come a long way since their humble beginnings. What was once an expensive and time-consuming process has become quite affordable and popular. As we mentioned earlier, patches can be found almost anywhere. From the uniforms of our favorite athletes to our favorite fashion brand, even employee uniforms and more, patches have their place and serve a purpose. 

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