All About Awareness! Custom Patches For A Cause

All About Awareness! Custom Patches For A Cause

Custom patches have become popular for businesses, brands, organizations, and companies. They are being used for much more than uniforms, as they have become effective marketing tools as well. However, custom patches are also a great way to bring attention to various charities and causes, ideal for fundraisers, and so much more. Another fantastic use for custom patches is for awareness. 

No matter what cause you or your company support, patches for a cause are a novel way to raise awareness. We're all familiar with awareness ribbons! Custom patches for a cause extend the same unity and deliver a message in a versatile and durable way. Custom awareness patches are an exceptional way to show care and bring recognition to any cause. This is demonstrated through different colors and details which are associated with particular causes. 

For instance, yellow ribbons and yellow patches show a family member is overseas serving in the military. But, the most common is the pink ribbon that offers support for those with breast cancer. Custom patches can be created for any cause, and some other common options include Alzheimer's disease, pancreatic cancer, HIV/AIDS, and others. 

Custom patches can even be designed for local causes that will bring added attention to your community. The best part about custom patches is that you can design precisely what you want. Creating a patch for a special cause should bring attention while providing a bit of information about what you are supporting. Add flowers, badges, text, and more. These different elements will serve as a way to draw focus to your patch and the cause itself.

Custom awareness patches can also be created for special foundations and charities. One of the benefits of ordering custom patches is that they sell well at fundraisers and other charity events. They provide a fabulous opportunity to raise money for your cause while giving people something unique, memorable, and meaningful. Custom patches are excellent promotional tools and the perfect way to represent your mission, goal, or cause.

At, we know custom embroidered patches. We have produced and crafted patches for groups and corporations of all sorts, offering high-quality products without the high cost. With over fifteen years of experience and we know what it takes to create outstanding custom patches of all kinds. 

No matter if you are looking for promotional patches for your business or custom patches for a cause to show your support, we can help! Our talented team of artists and graphic designers will work with you on every step of the process to ensure you get the exact custom patch that you envision.

The best part is that we make ordering custom patches easy! Ready to get started? Simply get a free quote on your custom patches or give us an email with any questions. We’d be honored to work with you to bring more awareness to your cause!