Bring Awareness To The Cause With Custom Patches!

Bring Awareness To The Cause With Custom Patches!

Businesses of all sorts and sizes use patches for many different reasons. They are used for uniforms to identify employees and make customers aware of who is who. Patches have...

Businesses of all sorts and sizes use patches for many different reasons. They are used for uniforms to identify employees and make customers aware of who is who. Patches have also become a popular way to market and promote companies. Custom patches may be produced to say and show exactly what you want, and you can say a lot with a little.  That is exactly why patches are a great way to bring attention to charities, causes, and the organizations behind them. 

Embroidered patches are excellent for fundraisers, and they are even a nice addition to any collection of merchandise. Get creative and apply embroidered patches to bring awareness to something special to you and your organization. Patches provide something tangible and unique, which makes them ideal for a charity or a fundraiser. Regardless of what you support, patches have become a novel and different way to raise awareness. We've all become familiar and fond of awareness ribbons. Well, custom patches lend themselves to the same unity, delivering a message in a stylish and functional form. 

Awareness patches are utilized to show support, and they can also bring added attention to any cause. This is done by using different colors, images, and details associated with specific causes. It's October, and if you notice a lot of pink being worn, it's thanks to breast cancer awareness month. Pink ribbons are everywhere, as are pink shirts, bags, hats, and, yes, patches. But, patches may be created to bring awareness to any cause. 

For example, yellow ribbons and yellow ribbon patches whose family member is serving the military overseas. Other popular ribbons and patches include AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer's disease, pancreatic cancer, and more. Companies and organizations, including police and fire departments, are seen wearing different colored patches at times supporting local causes. They've become a distinctive way to spread the message through color and imagery. 

Embroidered patches are also effective for local causes, bringing more attention to the community as a whole. Great for team building and camaraderie, custom patches can be created to say exactly what you want. A patch for a special cause will garner more attention while offering information about what you support or the message you intend to spread. Add colorful details and eye-catching images that will draw focus to your patch, which will, in turn, draw focus to the cause you support. 

Consider creating custom patches for special foundations and charities. Another benefit of patches is that they are good for fundraisers and other charity events. Use them to raise money for the cause while giving support to something tangible, meaningful, and unique. Custom patches are small but memorable and, when well-designed, will be an excellent way to promote your organization while representing your mission and goal with style. Keep in mind when planning patches for a charity or fundraiser, keep the patch fairly straightforward. Patches raise awareness and provide hope for any cause, sending a positive and powerful message. 

At, we know a thing or two about patches. With over fifteen years of experience and a dedicated team of talented graphic artists, we understand the benefits of well-designed custom patches. Perfect for uniforms, jackets, bags, backpacks, or as merchandise for fundraisers or bringing attention to a cause, patches are great for several reasons. They have grown in prevalence through the years, becoming an important tool for businesses, brands, and companies worldwide.

We strive to offer top-quality patches without the high cost. You have full creative control over your patch, regardless of size, shape, color, or fabric. We even aim to make ordering easy! If you have questions, we have answers. 

Feel free to contact us, either by email or call us toll-free at 866-847-2824. Oh, you may also get a free quote by simply filling out our no-obligation free quote form. If you are ready to get started, we are ready to assist!

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