Custom Chenille Patches Are A Timeless Option!

Custom Chenille Patches Are A Timeless Option!

Chenille patches are not your typical patch. Chenille embroidery creates a much different look than a standard embroidered patch. We've all seen chenille patches, which are most commonly seen on high school letter jackets. 

These patches have a nostalgic appeal for many, playing a unique role in American culture. They are eye-catching, and they hold up well over time. Check out some fast facts about custom chenille patches. 

Chenille embroidery dates back to the 1860s, and the process has changed very little over the years. Producing chenille patches is much different than regular embroidery. Chenille is crafted from short lengths of yarn which are placed between two "core" yarns. They are then twisted together, which gives the fabric its softness and unique look. Chenille works better for bigger designs. You can, however, combine chenille with standard embroidery to incorporate smaller details.

As with any custom patch, it’s all about the idea. To get the best chenille patch, start with a plan. As mentioned above, chenille patches are not ideal for small, intricate details. However, they can be combined with traditional embroidery to make something dynamic and eye-catching. Excellent craftsmanship and quality materials will also make a huge difference when it comes to your patch design. Remember, custom patches can be crafted in any size and shape, so get creative! 

While name patches, letters, and mascots look especially great in chenille, we can turn just about any design you can imagine into a custom patch. There is no limit when it comes to creating custom patches. You have complete control over your patch's size, shape, and colors, which means you can get unique and bold.

Chenille patches are more expensive than standard custom embroidered patches. That is due to the process and machinery it takes to produce them. They are a worthy option if you want to craft a fashion item, a high school-related patch, or just a patch that catches attention. Chenille patches are popular for good reason. They are durable, stylish, dependable, and always impressive. 

At, we understand the benefits of custom patches. Our team of graphic artists will work with you on every step of the process to ensure that you get the right patch for your needs. We make it easy! Get a free quote on your design or email us with any questions you might have. We will work with you to create beautiful custom patches that you can be proud of!