Custom Embroidered Patches – The Right Provider Makes The Difference

Custom Embroidered Patches – The Right Provider Makes The Difference

When you’re ready to order custom embroidered patches, you’ll find plenty of potential suppliers on the internet. But which one is right for you? You want the perfect combination of great product, great prices and great service. Fortunately, it’s easy to find all three in one place by considering just a few key factors.

Once you find a company, take a look at how long it’s been in business. It’s easy to set up a business on the internet. It’s a lot harder to attract and keep satisfied customers for years, and maintain a good reputation Not to mention the fact that a company with a long track record is more likely to attract highly skilled graphic artists who can make your patches look their best. Any patch provider that’s been in business for 10 years or more is probably a good bet.

A word about those artists: If you don’t know exactly what you want your patch to look like, don’t worry. All reputable suppliers have artists on staff who will be glad to help you create the exact patch look you want.

Next, find out how the company produces their patches. Do they use state of the art, computer-controlled, high-speed embroidery machines? It might seem like a simple point, but these high precision machines are your best bet for consistent patch quality on ever patch in your order.

What about backing? Have you considered which one is best for your specific custom embroidered patches? If you need standard sew-on twill, or other options such as tape, Velcro or iron-on, any good provider will be able to supply the right one. If they can’t, look elsewhere.

Customer Service is Critical

Service is the key. Do you want your patches to have the standard wraparound border design with a raised edge? Or would a hot cut border that enables the patch to lie flat against the garment it’s attached to be better for your needs? You can depend on a good customer service representative to help you decide which is best for your patches.

Expect a quality provider of custom embroidered patches to stand behind their products with a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you find a defect in any patch of your order, in workmanship or materials, you should be able to have it replaced at no extra cost to you.

Last but not least, consider price. But be sure you’re making direct comparisons when you do. Not every company offers free artwork and revisions. Some don’t offer free shipping within the United States. Ask how many thread colors they offer free. Consider options you might want to add, such as extra colors, metallic thread or neon thread. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

It’s easy to choose a good supplier for your custom embroidered patches. Most companies are dependable. It’s the little extras that make the difference. The bottom line that you want to look for is a combination of quality, value and customer service.