Custom Patch Options Add Appeal

Custom Patch Options Add Appeal

Custom embroidered patches are a great way to promote a cause, announce your membership in a group, make a political comment or increase awareness of your brand or logo. Patches alone are great. With a few high value, low-cost custom patch options, your patches can be even more effective.

Custom embroidered patches are a great way to promote a cause, announce your membership in a group, make a political comment or increase awareness of your brand or logo. Patches alone are great. With a few high value, low-cost options, your patches can be even more effective.

There’s no question that custom patch options add appeal. While there’s nothing wrong with standard patches, and they certainly are effective, little extras can give your design just that extra visual appeal to make them even more memorable.

Basics: Start With The Right Patch

It’s not hard to design great-looking patches for uniforms, jackets, vests, backpacks or any other use. At, we’re happy to work with you to create the ideal size, shape, and style for your specific patch needs. Our graphic artists are the best in the industry. They can take anything from a simple drawing to a fully finished design and craft patches you’ll wear proudly.

Everything else starts with the basic patch. Once you’ve selected the size, shape, thread color(s) and twill color, it’s time to consider additional custom patch options to make your patches look even better.

Add Color to Boost the Wow Factor

Color catches the eye. The more color, the more visual impact your design will have. We offer up to seven thread colors for your design free. You can add additional colors for a slight extra fee. Whatever you want your patches to be, we can accommodate.

Metallic threads give your design a bright look, a visual “pop.” It’s a look that’s sure to get noticed.

For an even bolder look, we can add neon-look threads to your design. This is a “wow” factor for sure! Just a little bit goes a long way. Our art staff can help you decide if the look is right for your design.

Heat Things Up on the Border?

At, we offer two different border styles for your patches. The standard border is what we refer to as a “Merrowed” style. This is the standard raised edge that brings your patch into sharp relief against the garment it’s attached to. This is a free choice. Incidentally, “Merrowed” comes from the Merrow® brand of sewing machine that creates the overlock stitch that makes the rounded look of the edge.

The other choice is the hot cut border. Rather than a raised edge, this style lies flat against the garment in question, giving a sharp, distinct shape. This optional border style is ideal for custom shaped patches, especially if you want to decrease the visual separation between patch and garment.

Attachment Types: Permanent, Temporary, or In-Between?

We offer a range of attachment types for your custom patches. The right one for your needs depends on several factors:

  • Do you need permanently attached patches?
  • Do you prefer fast, easy attachment or a slower, more secure method?
  • Do you need to be able to remove, exchange or replace patches often?
  • Do you want to move patches among different garments?

The most basic attachment style – and the most permanent – is the classic sew-on patch. It has no adhesive or other means of attachment to the garment and is designed to be sewn on. This is the standard method for all patches.

Optional methods can simplify patch installation and increase the flexibility of use. Take iron-on backing, for example. This adds a heat-sensitive adhesive to the twill backing. Attaching the patch is fast and easy. Just position the patch, place a cloth over it to protect the embroidery from the heat, and briefly apply heat from an iron or garment press. While this is considered a permanent attachment, it is likely to be less so than a sewn-on patch.

For the best of both worlds, combine both sew-on and iron-on. Use the iron-on adhesive to hold the patch in the exact place you want to sew it on. Once sewn into place, the patch is likely to outlast the garment it’s attached to.

With either sew-on or iron-on patches, an optional plastic backing can be added as well. This gives the patches extra support to maintain their shape.

Beyond Sew On or Iron On

Velcro® patches are perfect for military uniforms and other instances in which you might want to move patches among garments. One side of the hook-and-loop fastener is attached to the patch, and the other is sewn onto the garment. The patch can then easily be attached or removed as needed. This is a perfect solution for military morale or tactical patches.

Button loops are the answer for patches that can hang from a lapel pin or button. With new sewing or gluing required, they simply attach to the garment and can be transferred quickly.

Tape backing is an easily removable, temporary option. This is ideal for patches that need to be attached quickly for temporary events.

Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you choose the right custom patch options for all your specific patch needs. No matter which ones you select, you’ll receive our world-famous signature customer service. You can depend on for all your custom patch needs!

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Rick Cundiff

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