Custom Patches For The Great Outdoors
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Custom Patches For The Great Outdoors

As we know, custom patches have many uses. They are a reliable, durable way to personalize clothing, accessories, much more. Embroidered patches provide a way to take any garment from...

As we know, custom patches have many uses. They are a reliable, durable way to personalize clothing, accessories, much more. Embroidered patches provide a way to take any garment from average to fantastic, adding your own appeal and allure. While they are a great way to stand out, patches may also identify employees, show off membership to a club or organization, and are even used as a marketing tool. Patches can also be used to showcase interests and hobbies. 

Fall is upon us, and it's a time for many to enjoy the great outdoors. The weather is cooling off, and folks are set to hit the trail for camping, fishing trips, hikes, and other adventures. Outdoor patches remain a great way to commemorate your journey, doing so with a design that captures the moment perfectly. There are a few key elements to think about when creating a custom outdoor patch, as with any patch. 

Several options will take your patch to the next level, offering something outstanding, unique, and eye-catching. Today we examine what makes a good patch, from the special options to the material and even backing options. Outdoor patches can be designed to honor a special adventure. Whether it's a hike, a family adventure through the mountains, or a camping trip, patches are a great way to celebrate these special moments. 

When designing a custom patch of any kind, there are several options to choose from, from thread color to the imagery and text you want to include and backing options and borders. The best part is that you have complete control over the process, so be creative and celebrate your adventure in style. The most unique and one of the most popular special options is neon thread and metallic thread. These details will surely enhance any design, though they should be used sparingly. 

Patches may be produced in any size and shape you can fathom. If you are taking a trip out west, design a patch in the shape of the state, you plan on visiting. If you are going to hike the Appalachian trail, conceptualize a design that includes the trail's route. Custom patches showcase your personality and character, and patches are a perfect fit for both. Incorporate text, dates, and information that pertains to your adventure. Make a patch that will be looked upon fondly for years to come. 

Fishing camps are use patches to show membership. They serve as a way to identify members while also being utilized as a means of marketing and promotion. Include details such as locations, dates, names, and more. Celebrate camping trips, family adventures, or even road trips across the country. 

Design a patch that memorializes the moment and will bring back memories in the future. Custom patches honor those special moments with color and detail, providing memories of the places you've been and things you have experienced. 

Once you have chosen all of the design elements, you want to include, consider how you want to apply your patch. If you are ordering outdoor patches, you want a backing that will withstand movement and look great in the process. The most durable backing option is an iron-on backing or a sew-on backing. Both are commonly used for patches due to their durability and reliability. The last thing you want is your particular patch to come off during your adventure, or anytime in the future, for that matter. 

At, we know all about embroidered patches. We have an incredible team that understands the impact and benefits that custom patches have. We will work with you through each step of the design and ordering process, answering questions while assisting you in designing the best patch. With over fifteen years of expertise, we have produced patches of all sorts in all sizes, shapes, and rich color and detail. 

Choose us for all of your embroidered patch needs, and rest assured you are getting the best patches on the market. For more information, get a free quote or email us. It's that simple.

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