Durable, Versatile, & Functional! The Uses & Benefits Of Velcro Patches
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Durable, Versatile, & Functional! The Uses & Benefits Of Velcro Patches

Typically when a patch is applied to a uniform or any other garment, it is meant to stay in place. However, not all patches are the same. Some jobs and...

Typically when a patch is applied to a uniform or any other garment, it is meant to stay in place. However, not all patches are the same. Some jobs and tasks may require employees to change clothes in between jobs. This calls for a patch that can be quickly and effortlessly transferred from one garment to another. Well, for these instances, Velcro patches are the best option.

Custom embroidered Velcro patches are easy to attach and remove, ideal for any uniform that needs to be promptly changed. Work will be unpredictable, and you can't let issues with your wear slow you down. Velcro patches offer the ability to transfer patches quickly. They've become popular options, though sew-on and iron-on patches are still the most common. Velcro patches are an easy way to affix patches without any added hassle. Used by everyone from first responders to landscaping professionals, velcro patches are excellent for various applications. Let's take a look at a few reasons why velcro patches are so helpful.

Velcro is a term we are all familiar with, but what is Velcro exactly? Essentially it is a backing that is made of hook and loop fasteners that attach to the fabric. The hook and loop backing allows you to fasten and add patches to different surfaces. This means that you don't have to permanently attach your patch, which is perfect for many reasons.

First, let's look at the usages of velcro patches and how they may benefit you. Great for businesses and companies, velcro patches are an excellent option above other forms of embroidered patches. A velcro patch is ideal for companies where roles aren't permanent or for employees who have to wear an identification tag. They may be easily excluded or changed, enduring the wear and tear of any position. They are also perfect for the military or other businesses with employees who wear different uniforms for different occasions. Instead of placing a patch on every uniform, a velcro patch allows you to remove and use the patch to other garments as needed.

Velcro patches are flexible in their uses. As we've mentioned, they may be transferred to different garments swiftly. Often, velcro patches are used to identify specific supervisorial roles such as managers and others. However, they are also popular among the military, primarily when used for morale patches that may not be an official part of the outfit. Velcro patches will save businesses money in the long run, while for individuals, it is a chance to wear your custom patches with different clothing.

While they are good for many reasons, velcro patches are known for being a bit more durable than other embroidered patches. Because they can be separated and reused, they should be taken off before laundry and reapplied once the garment is dry. Doing this will keep your patches looking great by reducing the wear and tear that comes along with being laundered. That added durability means a lot, resulting in a patch that may be worn for years to come. Velcro patches are typically used less than other embroidered designs, which means they will outlast them as well.

Velcro patches are popular options for military morale patches and other patches that need to be removed in certain situations. They are often adorned with designs that identify the affiliated branch, unit, or battalion. However, velcro patches are an exceptional fashion statement too. Add and replace your patch as needed and wear it on any garment of your choosing. Motorcycle clubs can even use them to show membership and personality, though businesses and brands have started using velcro patches as a way to raise brand awareness. With so many options, velcro patches are worth exploring for your next order. To find out all the benefits of velcro patches, give us a call toll-free at 866-847-2824 or email us with any questions you have. At Patches4Less.com, we know custom embroidered patches!

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