Five Ways to Use Funny Patches

Five Ways to Use Funny Patches

Funny patches are perfect for just about any situation. From riding a bike to going to the dentist or attending a funeral. Okay, probably not the last one, but for just about every other situation, a creative or humorous patch can be great.

We thought of some other ways to use funny patches on a daily basis. Let's take a closer look:

Flying Discs - Yes, we are trying to avoid using that other word for trademark reasons, but you know what we mean. There is even the sport of Ultimate, which is popular on college campuses around the nation. Using patches instead of standard plastic discs probably wouldn’t be a good idea, but it never hurts to try. We imagine throwing patches around would look a little ridiculous, but it's worth a shot. Don't let your dreams just be dreams!

Dating Profiles - Instead of saying all of the standard stuff in your profile, why not let your feelings be known with a funny patch? No one is going to be impressed seeing the millionth, “I enjoy long walks on the beach." However, show up with a patch that ironically shows off your love of pizza and vinyl records and you will be a hit. Everyone knows the ladies love a creative patch.

Prop Comedy - Don't let Carrot Top be the sole prop comedian making moves. Use your new patches in creative ways on stage during your routine. Everyone knows Carrot Tops antics, and it's obvious why you’d want to follow in his footsteps. Maybe you can kill two birds with one stone and use your funny patches as flying discs during your set. It's all up to you.

Coasters - Keep your furniture safe and provide a laugh at the same time. Bonus points for those who add a cheesy slogan like “I’m just coastin’ along.” In all honesty, patches do make pretty good coasters, and we have quite a few in use right now around the office.

Patches - Last but not least, use your new funny patches as patches. That is what they were initially used for, and yet nowadays, no one even uses them for that reason. Even clothing lines sell incredibly expensive jeans that already have holes in them, so there’s a lucrative market for actual clothing patches now.

Well, there you go, five brand new and unique ways you can use your patches. Take our word for it; this is solid advice.* We've seen all sorts of patch designs show up in our inbox, funny or otherwise.

The humorous patches are always some of the most fun to work on. If you have a creative or unique idea that’s better than what’s listed here, send it over. *Under no circumstance should you ever follow any of the advice listed here. (But if you do, please film it and send it our way.)