Five Ways To Wear Iron-On Patches
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Five Ways To Wear Iron-On Patches

Custom patches come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. They also come with a variety of details and a ton of custom options. Patches can be customized to include vivid...

Custom patches come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. They also come with a variety of details and a ton of custom options. Patches can be customized to include vivid imagery, text, and other elements. One key element for any patch is its attachment option or how it is affixed to any garment or accessory. Sew-on patches are the most common, though iron-on patches are pretty popular as well. Iron-on patches are easy to apply, durable, and they look great. Today we examine five excellent ways to wear iron-on patches. 

Patches have been popular since the '60s when hippies would adorn their jackets, vests, and other garments with patches of flowers and peach signs. Patches evolved with the times, becoming bold and colorful in the '70s before being adopted by the punk scene. Patches remained popular in the '90s and even through the 2000's thanks to fashion brands and labels worldwide. The iron-on patch is an easy and inexpensive way to change up the look of any garment, even bags, backpacks, and hats. 

Denim has always been a popular place to wear a custom patch. From jean jackets and vests to skinny jeans and other denim apparel, patches just fit flawlessly. Embroidered iron-on patches add an excellent custom appeal to denim. They may be collaged on jackets, added to pants legs, or placed on a jacket sleeve. From the most simple design to big, bold, and colorful patches, they just make sense on denim. 

Leather and patches just go together. The thought of the two reminds us of '80s punk rock, with custom patches adorning pants, vests, jackets, and more. The look is easy to replicate too. A simple black leather jacket can be the base for any custom patch configuration. Custom patches can also be attached to leather purses, bags, and even sneakers. Keep in mind though, you cannot use iron-on backing with leather garments. They can't take the heat. Use an alternative backing method.

For a more subtle yet stylish look, add a small custom patch to your favorite t-shirt. It's become a popular trend recently to add a small, single patch to casual tees. Small iron-on patches are easy to apply, which means you can take your favorite t-shirt to the next level effortlessly. You can even get creative and make the patch look like it is peeking out or sitting inside the shirt pocket. Get creative and add a touch of character to your wardrobe! 

Backpacks, and other bags, are a great home for iron-on patches. In the '90s, kids decorated their backpacks with patches that showcased their interests. Patches are a way to showcase your personality and your hobbies, music interests, and much more. Backpacks provide plenty of space to fill with patches, from the front panel all the way to the zipper pockets. 

Did you know that patches are also a great way to style your phone case? Listen, you cannot iron on a patch to plastic, but you can use adhesive to add your own custom touch to your mobile device. Small, colorful patches are great, though ultimately, the choice is yours. Patches can be attached using a permanent glue adhesive, offering a unique look and a customized design. 

Here at, we know custom patches. Over the past fifteen years, we have created patches of all sorts and for various applications. Military patches, firefighter patches, morale patches, custom patches for artists, and more; we’ve seen it all. 

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