How To Sew On Patches By Sewing Machine

How To Sew On Patches By Sewing Machine

If you are looking for the fastest and most secure methods for attaching your custom patches, sew-on patches are the way to go. For those looking to sew on their custom patches themselves with a sewing machine, let us guide you through the application process. While its one of the more limiting options, it does provide a secure, quick, and easy way to attach your patches. 

First things first, choose a thread for each patch. You can either choose to match the patch border so that the stitches disappear. However, a contrasting thread color can add an outstanding touch to the patch and the garment it's applied to. 

Next, it's all about the placement of the patch. Decide where you want the patch, but keep in mind that any areas near seams can be a bit harder to sew the patch on. Use safety pins to secure your patch in place and get ready to start applying the thread. Be sure that your final placement is correct and be sure that you can fit your garment under your sewing machine's needle. 

Thread the sewing machine with your thread of choice and select a straight stitch on the machine. Align the needle with the inner border of the patch and lower the presser foot. Your next step includes back-stitching for two or three stitches, which secures the thread. Continue to sew along the inner edge of the border on the patch. 

If your patch is circular, you will need to turn the bag and patch as you sew. Follow the border and take your time. Once you have reached the spot where you began sewing, back-stitch again for two to three stitches. Then, with your needle in the highest position, raise the presser foot, and remove the garment. 

Trim the excess thread and remove the safety pins. Congrats, you have now successfully sewn on your custom patch! For any other questions, concerns, or custom orders, get a free quote or give an email and let us show you how easy ordering custom patches can be!