Make Your Patches Shine With Metallic Threads

Make Your Patches Shine With Metallic Threads

For many people who order custom patches, the main question we get is, "what is the best way to make our patches stand out?" Whether you are creating uniform patches...

For many people who order custom patches, the main question we get is, "what is the best way to make our patches stand out?" Whether you are creating uniform patches or ordering patches for your business or brand, you need something that stands out, something eye-catching and unique. Luckily there are several ways to make your patches distinct and bold. 

One great option is to add metallic thread to your design. Using metallic thread comes with a few design considerations to ensure your patches stand out for all the right reasons. If you want to make your patches shine, check out these helpful tips and tricks for adding metallic thread to your design. If you want to use metallic thread, the first thing to consider is that only embroidered patches are available with this option. Other patch styles cannot include metallic threads, so opt for embroidered patches if you want to truly shine. 

We offer two colors of metallic thread; gold and silver. These colors are bright on their own, and the best way to incorporate them into your patch is to surround them with darker colors to add contrast. Whether the contrast is added by a dark mesh or the surrounding thread, make sure that your metallic details aren't washed out blending into the background of your design. 

Many people use metallic thread as a way to embellish a design. This ensures that the metallic doesn't have to carry the entire design on its own, instead drawing the viewer's eye to specific areas of the patch design. However, if you want metallic thread to make up most of your design, it can be done with a little forethought. If a little embellishment is too subtle for your design, let the metallic thread be the bulk of your design. When you choose to go big with metallic thread, the same guidelines apply to create a contrast. Since the area of metallic thread is larger, the amount of contrast needs to be greater. 

Most designs lean on a darker shaded mesh to form the background. If you need white or lighter colored mesh, you can also choose a patch with 100% thread coverage. Use that coverage to add the needed contrast in order to help your design stand out. If you do decide to change the mesh color of your patch, we have an array of different color options to choose from. Remember that you can also use metallic thread to create a background on your custom patch. To achieve this, you need a patch with 100% thread coverage and choose the metallic thread you want to serve as the background. When creating this type of patch, the design is created with different colored threads. That means the contrast is automatically added by the design. However, it shouldn't be taken to mean that you can choose whatever colors you need. A patch with a gold thread background will not look good with a design that incorporates yellow thread. 

Metallic threads also come with a small increase in the unit price of your patches. However, if you want to stand out among the rest, it's easily worth it. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, metallic threads are an ideal way to embellish your design, either as the primary aspect or as the background of your design. 

At, we have produced great custom patches for nearly twenty years. We understand the impact patches can have on businesses and brands, especially when they are bold and unique. We know what it takes to create patches that stand out and garner attention. If you are ready to start designing your own custom patches, we can help. 

For more information, call us toll-free at 866-847-2824 or email us. You can also get a free quote using our no-obligation free quote form. Let's get started creating custom patches that you can wear with pride! 

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