Soccer Patches and Logos From Around the World

Soccer Patches and Logos From Around the World

Soccer is exploding in popularity. Fans collect patches of their favorite teams. Check out our blog on soccer patches from around the world!

Soccer patches have long been a part of the game in other parts of the world. Many European soccer (or football, as it’s referred to across the Atlantic) players wear patches of their game day uniforms or “kit.”

In North America, soccer is experiencing a surge in popularity. Major League Soccer (MLS) features teams in 20 cities around the United States and Canada. One of the latest teams to join the league is Orlando City Soccer Club, right down the road from us.

Given the fact that Orlando City’s first game was in front of a sellout crowd of over 60,000, it’s safe to say that soccer is here to stay. Patches are an important part of the soccer kit, so let’s take a look at some of the famous soccer patches from around the world.

Orlando City

Let’s start right here in central Florida with Orlando City. Featuring a purple theme with a golden lion mascot, the colors are a perfect complement to each other. Fans love the color, and the stadium is a sea of purple on game day.

Manchester United

Arguably the most famous soccer club in the world. Their logo features a medieval-style crest with a shield and two soccer balls. The team has been in existence for more than a century, and several famous players have played for the team, including Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Wayne Rooney.

LA Galaxy

One of the inaugural MLS teams, the LA Galaxy has won the most championships in the history of the league. Their logo features a shield emblem with a star above the team name, in a style that’s reminiscent of sci-fi or comic books.

Chicago Bears

Here we have the logo for the football team, the Chicago Bears. OK, that’s not REALLY their logo, but it is the logo as reimagined by the website Artists on that site designed special logos for National Football League teams in the style of European football clubs. Check out the other logos on their website. They all look great!

Those are just a few of the many different soccer club logos you’ll find around the world. Players wear their logo on a patch for the world to see. Fans collect the patches of their favorite teams to show off their team pride. Who’s your favorite team? Let us know in the comments!