Sports Patches Are Part Of The Game

Sports Patches Are Part Of The Game

Custom patches are seen everywhere. From the branches of our armed forces to police and firefighter uniforms and even school uniforms, patches are used for a wide range of purposes...

Custom patches are everywhere. From the U.S. Armed Forces to police and firefighter uniforms and even school uniforms, patches serve many purposes. For useful marketing tools, a means of identification, and more, custom patches are functional for many different needs.

Patches are also a staple of sports uniforms across the globe. From baseball diamonds to hockey rinks, basketball courts and soccer pitches around the world, patches are an essential part of the uniform.

Baseball patches are probably the most widely recognized type. Custom patches have been a part of baseball since the sport was created.

Each team features custom patches on their caps and jerseys, showcasing the squad's personality and logo. These custom patches are colorful, boasting details unique to the team, such as its location and mascot or logo. You’ll also see name patches on baseball jerseys, allowing fans to get more familiar with their favorite players.

Custom patches also are a big part of football, from the youth leagues all the way to the pros. Each player wears a patch with the team logo. The team captain wears a special "C" patch that shows their status as a team leader. Team patches generally contrast the football jersey, though they will change things up with particular themes. We've seen camouflage patches for a military appreciation game or pink patches for a breast cancer awareness campaign.

Hockey jersey patches are some of the biggest and most detailed custom sports patches. Teams at all levels have large patches on their uniforms. These custom patches include the team logo on the front chest portion of the jersey. Hockey jerseys can also feature smaller patches of the same logo or the team mascot on the shoulders. Teams often have special patches made to wear during the playoffs.

Custom sports patches are also popular on basketball courts and soccer pitches around the world. Basketball jerseys across the globe include team logos and names. Soccer jerseys feature the teams’ names and logos as well, and can even include sponsor patches for marketing purposes.

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