Standing Out! The Keys To Creating Custom Embroidered Patches

Standing Out! The Keys To Creating Custom Embroidered Patches

Businesses and companies are always looking for unique ways to promote themselves. Organizations, non-profits, and others also look for ways to promote a cause, announce new memberships, or make a...

Businesses and companies are always looking for unique ways to promote themselves. Organizations, non-profits, and others also look for ways to promote a cause, announce new memberships, or make a statement. Well, custom embroidered patches provide a perfect way to just that. Patches are an excellent way to stand out and raise brand awareness, and there are a few options that can take your patch to the next level. 

Custom patches add appeal to anything they are applied to. While there is nothing wrong with your typical patch, added extras can give your design added visual appeal, which will make them more memorable. 

First things first, it's all about selecting the correct patch. It isn't hard to create great-looking patches, but it's vital to consider each aspect of your patch's design. Patches are a great addition to uniforms, jackets, vests, backpacks, and more. At, we will work with you throughout every step of the process to ensure you get the exact patch you have envisioned. 

From selecting the ideal size and shape of your patch to specific styles that will work best for your application. Our team is among the best in the industry, with the ability to take anything from a simple sketch to a fully realized concept, turning them into patches you can wear with pride. Everything starts with a basic patch; however, adding unique elements such as shapes, thread colors, and twill color will enhance your design exponentially. 

Let's talk color! Color adds bold appeal to anything. The more color, the more significant the visual impact your patches will have. At, we offer up to seven thread colors for free. Though you have the option to add additional colors, they will add a small extra fee to your order. For those looking to stand out, even more, metallic threads are an ideal option. 

Metallic threads provide a bright look and a visual pop that garners attention and turn heads. For an even bolder look, consider adding neon threads to your design. Striking and outstanding, this option will add a "wow" factor that other thread options don't. If you are unsure about what colors to use, our staff will help you decide what looks best for your particular design. The options can be daunting, but we are here to help! 

Now let's talk about border options. You will find two different border options for all custom embroidered patches. The standard border, also known as the "Merrowed'' style, is our most common. This border features a standard raised edge, which adds a substantial relief against the garment to which it is attached. "Merrowed'' comes from the Merrow brand of sewing machine, which creates an overlock stitch that makes the rounded look. 

The other option is the hot cut border. This particular option is better for smaller, more intricate patches. Hot cut borders lay flat against the garment, providing a distinct look and a clean aesthetic. 

Now that you have selected your patch shape and size, the colors you wish to use, and the border, consider the different attachment options. Do you want your patches to be permanently attached? Are you looking for something with fast, easy attachment? Does your patch need to be removed and reapplied to other garments? 

The most common attachment option is the classic sew-on patch, which also happens to be the most popular. Sew-on patches have no adhesive and are designed to be sewn onto any garment. Iron-on patches are popular selections as well. They feature a heat-sensitive adhesive on the twill backing that allows for easy and fast attachment. Position the patch in place and apply heat from an iron or garment press. 

You can also opt to combine sew-on and iron-on backings, which is a thoughtful way to attach any patch to a garment, adding a secure hold for years to come. We also offer velcro and buttonhole attachments for quick removal. Removable patches are often used for morale or tactical patches. Neither requires any sewing or gluing, which means patches can be removed and reattached to other articles of clothing. 

At, we know custom patches. We’ve been producing high-quality custom patches for over fifteen years, and we know what it takes to create outstanding products. Are you ready to get started with your order? Simply get a free quote or email us. It’s that easy! 

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