Stay Cool With Winter-Inspired Custom Patches
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Stay Cool With Winter-Inspired Custom Patches

One of the best ways to enhance your brand awareness or spread any brand's message is with embroidered patches. Patches are a great way to display emblems, logos, and mottos...

One of the best ways to enhance your brand awareness or spread any brand's message is with embroidered patches. Patches are a great way to display emblems, logos, and mottos, as they can be attached to virtually anything. Custom patches are seen on pants, vests, uniforms, backpacks, bags, and more. They can even be displayed in cases or collected. There are more than a few ways to enjoy custom patches. Custom patches have a wide array of uses. They are created to signify membership in organizations, as marketing and promotional tools, and as a way to add a touch of style and personality. 

A letter, a logo, text, images, or anything else you can imagine can be transformed into a striking embroidered patch. Patches can be produced in any shape and size you can fathom, and with Winter upon us, why not create some unique patches that will keep you looking cool this season? Winter-inspired patches are fun and eye-catching, and they too can be used in a variety of ways. 

Winter is a great time for hockey, skiing, sledding, ice fishing, and more. Winter carnivals are also popular. Custom patches are a thoughtful way to honor these events and commemorate those special times. Whether you have a business that provides winter-related goods and services, such as a ski lodge, custom patches are ideal marketing products that are sure to enhance your brand awareness. 

At, we make designing and ordering custom patches easy. We can help you create the perfect patch, and we have the experience to do so. With over fifteen years of experience, we have created patches for charities, government and civic organizations, sports teams, businesses, brands, and other individuals. We can assist you in designing a patch that will work best for your needs.

Patches are a great way to celebrate the season and any special events planned. Here are a few helpful tips for designing the perfect patch. First, determine the purpose of your patches. Businesses and brands will have a completely different purpose for their patches than sports teams. Whether you are looking for a new marketing tool or a design for fans and apparel, it's crucial to decide on the purpose of the patch first. 

Next, consider the elements that you want to include in your design. As you focus on what you want your patch to convey, consider the visual details that you can use. For Winter-related patches, snowflakes, polar bears, and snow-covered mountains are perfect. However, the options are endless, so get creative with your design. As we mentioned earlier, patches can be created in any size or shape you can imagine. 

Upon deciding on the purpose and the elements of the patch, consider the size and shape of your custom patches. This will be determined by the garment and the location on the garment. Hats, bags, and accessories are smaller and better suited for smaller patches. Larger items like jackets and vests will call for a bigger patch. Get creative with the shape and design something memorable and eye-catching. Once you have determined these details, you can choose to include different thread colors and borders to make your patch stand out even more. 

At, we make designing custom patches easier than ever. Our no-obligation-free quote form will walk you through the design process before our artists work to create a custom patch that you will wear with pride. We will send you an artist proof of your design for any possible revisions. After approving the design, your patches will be produced before being hand-inspected and sent to your door. 

It’s really that simple. Call us toll-free at 866-847-2824 or email us. Let us show you how easy it truly is to order custom embroidered patches.

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Jesse Daugherty


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