Step Up Your Style! Patches Add Style To Old Clothing
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Step Up Your Style! Patches Add Style To Old Clothing

We have some old garments in the closet that we haven't worn for a while. Maybe those jeans don't feel just right anymore, or maybe that shirt is a little...

We have some old garments in the closet that we haven't worn for a while. Maybe those jeans don't feel just right anymore, or maybe that shirt is a little too big. However, no matter why you haven't worn those old clothes, it only takes a little creativity and time to transform them into something different. 

Here at, we have stumbled upon a handful of unique ways to add new life to tired clothing, and yes, patches will certainly help. Let's examine a few different ways to enhance your old garments; read more below. 

You can easily turn a one-colored item into a multi-colored item no matter what you want to update. This is perfect for everything from jeans to shirts, dresses, hats, and more. Simply decide on a color you want to show through, cut out a pattern shape, and place the fabric on the inside of your clothing. Sew around the edges, so the second color will shine through the shape when you wear the garment. This is a great way to take those old clothes and add a new sense of style to the mix. 

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of personality and style to old clothing is by adding some flowers. You can opt to make fabric flowers yourself or purchase them at a local craft store. Either way, you can add flowers to nearly any part of your clothing for a touch of detail and color. Consider sewing them around your collar for a unique neckline or even to the bottom hem for a bold contrast. You can even sew a line of them down the back of a shirt or down the leg of a pair of jeans. No matter what you choose, adding flowers adds style. 

Have you considered changing the color of your old garments? Well, if you are sick of that old blue sweater, dye it green. Maybe you don't like those old jeans because they've become faded and worn. Well, dye them back to blue, or even opt for a different color like purple or green. You can give anything clothing a new life with a new color. It might not be a patch, but it's a great way to make the old new again. 

Like flowers, bows are a great way to elevate shirts, sweaters, jeans, tank tops, and other items. Apply them to any area of your clothing for a pop of color and texture. Go bold and cut down the back of a shirt or down the sleeves and tie the two together by using bows. This offers an elegant touch with an edgy appeal. 

At, we specialize in custom embroidered patches, and nothing adds a touch of style like a custom-designed patch. We often make patches for folks looking to take their old garments to a new level. Perfect for jeans, jackets, vests, backpacks, and more, patches can be customized with special artwork, bold colors, and outstanding attention to detail. You can create any design, pattern, image, shape, phrase, and more to add something new to your clothing. Get creative! 

Another way to enhance old garments is by adding a small cut-out design. This is a distinctive way to make your old garments new. Cut small circles, hearts, or other shapes that provide a peek of skin underneath. You can also choose to cut out larger designs for the back of the shirt, the sides, or the sleeves. This idea works best with form-fitting shirts. 

Consider adding sequins or lace to spruce up old threads. Sequins will add a shimmer and shine that is great for around your neckline, the bottom hem, and more. Lace is great around the bottom of shorts or a dress, making them longer and adding a dose of femininity. Lace can also be added to the sleeves of a shirt or even around the middle of a garment for added texture. Custom patches are an ideal way to elevate those old garments. 

Just because they've been stashed in the back of the closet for a few years doesn't mean they shouldn't be worn. Take your favorite old garments up a notch by adding some unique details. If you are looking for a custom patch that will help make your old garments new, we can help. 

At, we have over fifteen years of experience and an incredible team of artists and designers. No matter what type of patches you have in mind, we have the expertise to bring them to life. To find out more, give us a call toll-free at 866-847-2824 or email us. You can also fill out our no-obligation free quote form. We make ordering custom patches easier than ever!

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