The Basics: Why Embroidered Patches Are The Most Common

The Basics: Why Embroidered Patches Are The Most Common

There are many reasons you may want to create custom patches. Not all patches are the same, as they are several styles to choose from. At, we...

There are many reasons you may want to create custom patches. Not all patches are the same, as they are several styles to choose from. At, we specialize in custom patches. Embroidered patches are the most common patch for several reasons. Today, we look at embroidered patches and what makes them such a popular selection.

Embroidered patches are considered pieces of art, first beginning in China somewhere in the 5th – 3rd century BC. The Chinese used various sewing techniques to mend, patch, and make garments. This eventually led to people sewing decorative designs in their clothes and tapestries. Patches were created by hand before the first embroidery machine was introduced in the 1800s; soon after, Isaak Groebli developed the Schiffli embroidery machine, which used a continuously threaded needle and shuttle.

These days, computerized machines create embroidered patches that use digitized patterns to embroider designs into fabrics. This allows for consistent and quick production.

The embroidered patch is what most of us think of when we think of a "patch." Versatile, durable, and eye-catching patches add a touch of style and professionalism to anything they are affixed to. Let's take a look at the advantages of embroidered patches.

As we mentioned, there isn't a patch style that is nearly as versatile as an embroidered patch. They are entirely customizable, from the images and text to the thread colors and backing; they offer various options. They are used for serious applications for military members, firefighters, police officers, and emergency service workers. However, they are also a great way to add a touch of personality to your style. Embroidered patches are compatible with any backing option such as iron-on, Velcro, and others.

Patches are durable. They can hold up to rain and snow and bend and flex at the elbows and knees. Embroidered patches are pretty tough and will even hold up in the laundry. You can wash sports gear and other uniforms with patches. The embroidered perimeter, or a merrowed border, can help keep the patch safe from scuffing and pulling apart too. There isn't a patch style that is as tough as an embroidered patch.

They just look better too. Embroidery makes images look sharp and textured, adding to their appeal and charm. The threads tend to go with the "grain" of the imagery, which also makes text pop.

Let's not forget their affordability, either. Embroidered patches are the most affordable patch style you can choose. No matter your budget or design, quality patches can be made to your liking. They are also among the easiest patch styles to manufacture in large numbers.

Despite how much we love embroidered patches, they do have their drawbacks. For patches with small details and many words, embroidered patches may not be the best fit. Detailed images and elements can become "blurry." Including too many components within the design is possible, leaving it cluttered and jumbled. Remember, sometimes less is more.

With nearly 20 years of experience, we understand custom patches' benefits and impact. Whether you are looking for uniform patches for employees or commemorative patches for a particular date, location, or individual, we can bring your ideas to life. With us, you can expect top-quality patches and unrivaled customer support. We take pride in what we do and stand behind every patch we produce.

Want to find out more about what we do? Give us a call toll-free at 866-847-2824 or email us. Do you already have a design in mind? If so, take a few minutes and fill out our free quote form. Creating custom patches is easy!

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