The Differences: Direct Embroidery & Patch Embroidery

The Differences: Direct Embroidery & Patch Embroidery

Here at, we offer the finest custom patches that you will find. We have the experience and an incredible team that can, and have, created patches of all sorts. We’re all familiar with embroidery and with patches. Both are be seen on clothing of all kinds, uniforms, and much more. But folks still get confused by what is a patch and what isn’t. Embroidered custom patches remain our specialty, but many people don't understand the difference between direct embroidery and patch embroidery. While the differences are pretty straightforward, today, we examine both, giving you a breakdown, as well as a look into what we do best, embroidered patches.

What's the difference between direct embroidery and patch embroidery? Well, the most significant distinction is that direct embroidery involves applying the embroidered design directly onto the garment, cap, bag, or whatever else you decide to put it on. No matter if you include logos, text, or imagery, the design is embedded onto the shirt, essentially becoming a part of the shirt. This results in a design that cannot be removed or placed on another piece of fabric. Removing direct embroidered details may even damage the material to which it's embedded. While durable and eye-catching, direct embroidery has its drawbacks, as mentioned above. 

Patch embroidery is pretty self-explanatory. Patch embroidery is not directly embroidered onto the material. It is placed on top of the fabric and either ironed or sewn into place. Custom patches may also be applied using special adhesives. This means that they can be removed from one item and placed on another quickly and without much time or damage. Embroidered patches are also much more stable than direct embroidery. Patches will also include finer details, which means you get a versatile, durable design that can be applied to any garment of your choosing. 

Patches may easily be applied and removed, making them accessible to everyone. They are not as costly due to new computerized designs and production technology. Embroidered patches are easier than ever to produce. They also allow for finer added details, which adds to their value. Not only stylish and fashionable, but custom patches have become collectibles. Due to their functionality and design elements, some even consider them to be rare valuables.

Here at, we specialize in creating high-quality embroidered patches. With over fifteen years of experience, we have created patches in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the simple and plain to the ornate and intricate, we’ve created them all. Custom embroidered patches can be great for elevating your wardrobe or marketing your business and brand. Our team of graphic artists and designers are here to help you create the perfect patch for any reason. We make it easy too! Simply get a free quote on your design or email us with any questions about details, production, shipping, or pricing. We’d be happy to help!