Unique Ways To Wear Your Custom Embroidered Patches 

Unique Ways To Wear Your Custom Embroidered Patches 

Custom patches are used for several reasons. But embroidered patches are making a big comeback among fashion-forward individuals, used as a way to showcase their style and personality. Folks are coming up with new and creative ways to wear patches, but there are a few tried and true ways to do so. At Patches4Less.com, we have created patches of all sorts. From corporate patches for businesses and employees to uniform patches for sports teams, military members, and more, we've seen it all. We've also come across some unique ways to elevate your style with custom patches. 

Today, we look at a few different ways to wear embroidered patches. Patches are commonly seen on denim, including jackets, jeans, vests, and other items. They are also popular for canvas accessories like bags and backpacks. But you're not limited to just canvas and denim. Why not incorporate your patch on a material that is not uncommon. Custom embroidered patches look great on bomber jackets, sneakers, skirts, purses, and more. More than just a way to stand out, patches are an ideal way to showcase your individuality too. Get creative and spruce up your style, no matter the material. Another great way to stand out is by finding a unique location for your patches. 

Generally, patches are attached to large, black areas such as the back of jackets and vests or the front of a baseball cap. However, they can be attached to any location you see fit. Try something different and add your favorite patches to your garments' sleeves, elbows, and hems. Collars, bag straps, and the back of hats are also unique. By choosing a unique location, you give your clothing a different focal point that will offer a personal appeal. While one large patch is a great way to draw attention, don't be afraid to do more. 

Patches can also look great in groups. This is ideal for smaller patches, and it provides an eye-catching aesthetic that will be hard to miss. Group similar patches together or mix and match different styles for a bold look. This is a great idea for old, worn garments that need repair. Adding a group of unique patches will add new life to your favorite old garments. Embroidered patches look great when paired with the right garment. There is a bevy of material textures within embroidered patches. Take advantage of these elements or create a patch with muted colors for a worn look. 

At Patches4Less.com, embroidered patches are our specialty. We have created patches for sports teams, motorcycle clubs, military units, and special events of all sorts. We understand the impact that custom patches can have, adding a personalized touch that is sure to stand out. Our patches are created from high-quality materials but without a high cost. Patches are a cost-effective way to spread your message or elevate your style. 

When it comes to top-quality patches, no one does it better. We are dedicated to the quality of our products and our customers’ satisfaction. We stand behind every product we sell with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are your best source for any and all patches. Here you will find hundreds of different styles, colors, and attachment options. With years of experience and thousands of orders, we can create some great-looking patches for you. 

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