Vest Patches Can Say A Lot In a Little Space

Vest Patches Can Say A Lot In a Little Space

Vest patches can carry several different meanings, so it’s important to consider the message you want to convey. Read more on the Patches4Less blog!

When you’re in the market for custom patches for your motorcycle vest, think about the patch design. Vest patches can carry several different meanings, so it’s important to consider the message you want your vest patches to convey.

Any reputable patch supplier can help you create good looking patches that say exactly what you want them to. It’s a matter of deciding what size, shape, colors and placement are best for your specific needs.

Do you want your patches to express a political opinion? Make a sardonic statement on the state of the world? Commemorate a favorite ride? Honor a fallen colleague? You can do all of those things with vest patches.

Some of the most popular patches are, of course, the large patches designed to attach to the back of a vest or jacket. These often denote a rider’s club affiliation, or lack thereof. Some motorcycle clubs enforce specific protocols about these patches, so it’s a good idea to be aware of any clubs in your area before designing one or wearing it.

Consider the placement of your patches on your vest. Think about how visible you want each patch to be. Make sure those that you want people to see the most are in a good spot where they can be easily seen.

Know the Etiquette of Back Patches

Patches can be a simple as a single word, embroidered on a small rectangular or round twill backing. As a general rule, the bigger the patch, the more elaborate the design can be. Back patches can be single-, two-, or three-piece, with an intricate design on each piece.

Most often, vest patches for riding clubs are single piece back patches. Unlike motorcycle clubs, riding clubs typically are open, social organizations that don’t necessarily impose specific membership rules. Patches can be purchased.

Motorcycle clubs, on the other hand, often require an extensive waiting period to join, and impose formal requirements on prospective members. Only members of such clubs are entitled to wear club patches. These patches cannot be purchased; they must be earned.

The key to great small patch design is minimalism. What’s the least amount of words or design you need to get your point across? By stripping an idea down to its most elemental form, you can be sure your vest patches will say exactly what you want, in a way that’s hard to be misconstrued.

For larger patches, it’s a lot easier to include more design elements. The added real estate gives you more area to express yourself. Graphic elements are cleaner and more impressive on bigger patches. Back patches, either on jackets or vests, offer plenty of room for dramatic graphic design.

Ultimately, the bottom line for your patches is what YOU want. Any reputable patch supplier can help you create patches that will say exactly what you want in the way you want to say it. If you want to make a point when you ride, vest patches are the ideal medium!

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Rick Cundiff

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