Custom Patches For National Motorcycle Ride Day
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Custom Patches For National Motorcycle Ride Day

There is nothing quite like enjoying the open road on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are one of the easiest and swiftest modes of transportation and are a favorite hobby for many...

There is nothing quite like enjoying the open road on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are one of the easiest and swiftest modes of transportation and are a favorite hobby for many. Riding a bike is an expression of freedom and adventure, serving as therapy for riders.

October 8th marks National Motorcycle Ride Day, a celebration that honors the activity, history, and spirit of motorcycle riding. The day serves as a celebration for motorcyclists, encouraging them to take to the road and enjoy a day of riding. The day is devoted to bikers everywhere that are never afraid of an adventure. It's a day to ride with other passionate motorcycle enthusiasts.

National Motorcycle Ride Day also honors John Dunlop, who invented the first pneumatic tires. Why not mark the day with something unique that celebrates the spirit of riding and the passion of motorcyclists? 

A custom patch is a perfect way to commemorate any occasion, especially for motorcycle enthusiasts. Patches and motorcycles have a long history together that dates back to the 1920s. These small pieces of fabric are used to show membership to a group, honor special occasions, commemorate fallen riders, and more. 

Celebrate a ride, mark the day, and add a stylish custom patch to your outfit. Let’s learn more about National Motorcycle Ride Day, the history of motorcycles and custom patches, and how to celebrate in style.

The History of Motorcycles

We can trace the history of motorcycles back to the late 1800s. The first motorcycle was the Daimler Reitwagen, built by German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885. The design was unlike any of the bicycles of the era, with a much different look than the motorcycles we know today. The Reitwagen was a platform to test a new engine, not necessarily a motorcycle prototype.

In 1894, in Munich, Hildebrand & Wolfmüller built the first production motorcycle and the first to be called a motorcycle. The first production motorbike in the U.S. was the Orient-Aster, designed and built by Charles Metz in 1898 in Waltham, Massachusetts. The same year Triumph Motorcycles began producing motorbikes. Other British companies, including Royal Enfield, Norton, and Douglas Motorcycles, began production in the early 1900s. Indian began production in 1901, and Harley-Davidson was established in 1903.

Companies ramped up motorcycle production during World War I to supply troops on the front lines. Harley-Davidson devoted more than 50% of its factory output to the military by the war's end, while Triumph Motorcycles' provided more than 30,000 motorcycles to Allied forces. The Triumph Model H is regarded as the first "modern motorcycle."

By 1920, Harley-Davidson was the largest manufacturer, selling its motorcycles in more than 60 countries. Around this time, custom patches became part of the motorcycle culture, thanks partly to the American Motorcyclist Association, which was established in the 1920s. Groups of riders would gather at events and adorn their jackets with the name of their group.

In the 1950s, motorcycles became more streamlined with an emphasis on racing. NSU and Moto Guzzi were paramount in developing racing motorbikes, producing forward-thinking bikes in design and performance. Custom patches became more prevalent as well. Riding groups and motorcycle clubs donned custom patches featuring the name of the club, its location, and other information.

From the 1960s through the 1990s, motorcycles grew in popularity. Today motorcycles are more popular than ever, and custom patches still play a significant role in the culture. Some motorcycle clubs have special one- to three-piece patches that prospects must earn. These patches are held in high regard and worn with pride.

Motorcycles are a form of transportation and leisure activity across the globe. From the back roads to the race track, motorcycles are a favorite pastime for many.

History of National Motorcycle Ride Day

National Motorcycle Ride Day is a day to celebrate the experience of being on a motorcycle. It’s also a day to celebrate history. More than a day to simply ride your motorcycle, the day also commemorates the development of the first practical pneumatic tire by John B. Dunlop. Chad Geer of Dunlop Motorcycles founded National Motorcycle Ride Day in 2015. The day celebrates the invention of the pneumatic tire and the enjoyment of riding in the fall.

National Motorcycle Ride Day is great for enjoying a ride around your favorite local areas while observing the past and present. Why not commemorate the day with something memorable and meaningful? Why not design a custom patch that lets you wear your passion for riding on your sleeve?

Celebrate The Ride

There are many ways to celebrate National Motorcycle Ride Day. The best way is to get on your favorite bike and hit the road. Plan a solo getaway and experience life on the open road. A day of riding is a simple pleasure and a perfect way to commemorate this special day.

Take to the mountains, deserts, beaches, and backroads, and learn about new places. You can also join a group of friends for a group ride. While hitting the open road alone can be an adventure, gathering friends, family, and other motorcycle enthusiasts for a ride can be a great bonding experience.

Share the day with others and celebrate the joys of riding. Creating custom motorcycle patches to commemorate National Motorcycle Ride Day is a novel way to honor the day.

Motorcycles And Custom Patches

Bikers and custom patches are virtually synonymous with one another. Patches are part of the uniform for bikers across the globe. Patches are special for bikers, motorcycle clubs, and other groups. Custom patches adorn jackets, vests, hats, and more. These patches look outstanding and spread messages in various shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Jacket patches are the most popular motorcycle patches, decorating the garment's sleeves, back, and chest. The most common patch designs include flag patches, name patches, statement patches, and designs with funny slogans or quotes. 

Custom patches are a great way to honor special occasions and events, including National Motorcycle Ride Day. October is the perfect time to enjoy one last ride before the weather changes. Take advantage of the moment, enjoy National Motorcycle Ride Day to its fullest, and do so with style.

Create a custom patch for your club or group that celebrates the day, the history of motorcycles, and the essence of riding. Let's work together to commemorate this special occasion with something unique and memorable. Find out more about designing custom motorcycle patches.

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